Taliesin West

by The Monikers

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Our debut EP.


released September 23, 2011

Produced and recorded by Jon Young and The Monikers. Songs written by Francis Anderson.



all rights reserved


The Monikers Boston, Massachusetts

The Monikers debut EP "Taliesin West" OUT NOW

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Track Name: Surfa Rosa (Pink Waters)
I’m just a boy with a red guitar,
you’re just a girl who hangs at the yacht club

looking the part with my glasses on
wearing a polo matching the sea scrub

leather is out and prep school is in
you stay for the weekend at Martha’s Vineyard

my reputation’s all word of mouth
I slept with your daughter down at the cape-house

surfa rosa, surfa rosa
surfa rosa, surfa rosa

drive to the beach in a flashy car
pick up a trim and tan little mama

having a drink at The Lobster Claw
dancing away to some kind of samba

Skipper is putting a party on
start celebrating out on the sail boat

he’s got a pool and a pretty lawn
anchor the ship and take me to land, ho

surfa rosa, surfa rosa
surfa rosa, surfa rosa

I can see your
waters turning
pink, I see your
waters turning
Track Name: Opportunity
you travel to America
for feelings of prosperity

the airplane was commanded by
a pilot with ambitions like me

show me, show me

work harder and success follows
through hardship and integrity

when dreaming of accomplishment
you’re climbing a hierarchy

show me, show me

take me higher
take me higher
take me higher

you’re moving up persistently
you deserve to proliferate

through effort and economy
good fortune will accumulate

show me, show me

higher, higher & higher & higher,
higher & higher & higher & higher
Track Name: Somebody New
no, you’re not my type
and I’m not the type to try and make pretend

a dozen messages
what kind of message are you trying to send?

working hard at something
that I just don’t have my heart in

my turn to dick around
I’ve been dicked around by girls like you before

new girls are all I ask
and please don’t ask me what I need them for

to fill the gap within me
I’ll fill the gaps of female company

I just need somebody new
I just need somebody new to talk to

I can’t sleep and now I’m sleeping round
to rid me of your smell

I’ll crawl in other holes
to keep from crawling back into my shell

no matter how I’m hustling
I just can’t get enough in

I just need somebody new
I just need somebody new to talk to
Track Name: Fountains Long Forgot
when summer evening swelters
& your sweaty sheets are hot,
a cooling pool shall spring from you
in fountains long forgot

these photographs I've fastened
with ropes and bows and knots
I keep beyond the deepest ponds
in fountains long forgot

I wait to be awakened
to stir the dirt I rot
by she who blows a flute of bones
at fountains long forgot

I dragged you through my doorstep
and I dumped you in my cot
and while you snore I’ll guard the door
to fountains long forgot

I pray that fate permits you
to find what I could not—
I searched the hay for a needle which lay
in fountains long forgot

and when you shine your searchlight
inside my secret spot,
you’ll see me soundly sleeping down these
fountains long forgot

the love I know shall gently flow
from fountains long forgot

[the Train]
Track Name: Poison
Juliet, feel your belly ache and twist
why’d you swallow, pride is poisonous

it’s poison, it's poison, it's poison, it's poison

Juliet, did you think you’d live through this?

your throat sizzles with that spit of his,
burns like pan-steak, such a wicked kiss—

it’s poison, it's poison, it's poison, it's poison

Juliet, did you think you'd live through this?

[the Garden]

insides boil where the mustard sits,
tongue of blisters, guts begin to hiss

it’s poison, it's poison, it's poison, it's poison

[the Final Garden
in its full splendor
of colors shimmered,
glimmering across their
surface & trembling
all around & whimpered
its way into nothing]